Students received awards for 2014-15 school year & welcomed into the Clay Scholarship family

students graduated in 2014

million + dollars invested to date
in the future/scholarships

students currently enrolled in college

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Attention All William L. Clay Scholars, Parents, Friends, Pastors, Neighbors and others with personal knowledge of the good served from receiving a Clay Scholarship 

The William L. Clay Scholarship and Research Fund is celebrating the 30 year mark of assisting deserving scholars with the burden of college tuition. We will have an anniversary extravaganza on Friday, August 7th, 2015. What we need from YOU, the SCHOLAR and/ people who know you, is a quick VIDEO story (1 minute or less) about your experience with the scholarship program, words of congratulations and best wishes.  You can do this by uploading a short video of yourself.  The Video will be presented to the Scholarship Founder, Congressman Bill Clay. Please send your video to our web address and we will play it at the celebration on August 7th. Also we have included the link for more information about the event as we would love to see you there.  Your success gives us reason to celebrate!

We're not the only ones excited happy about The Scholarship...

Meet our Alumni.