Apply for a Scholarship

WLCSRF’s goal is to help eliminate the need for student loans by providing scholarships that bridge the gap between the cost of college and other financial aid students receive. WLCSRF award amounts vary.

High school seniors and current college students pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, math  (STEM) or planning to teach a STEM subject can apply for The Johnson Moore-Glen STEM Scholarship Award.

Key eligibility requirements for WLCSRF awards include:
  • Resident of Missouri’s 1st Congressional District (Enter zip code at top of page)
  • Registered voter 
  • Full-time college enrollment 
  • Can provide ACT or SAT scores

The William L. Clay Scholarship and Research Fund partners with My Scholarship Central to collect applications. Interested applicants can visit and click Apply Now to start the process.  On the application site, create an account and complete the general application.  The William L Clay Scholarships will be on your recommended list if you meet the criteria to apply.  Click the orange apply button to start the application. 

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